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Centrale Fies is a center for the creation and production of live art, coming from the theatre and visual arts. Since 2000, Centrale Fies has called its department dedicated to artistic and creative residencies “AUGMENTED RESIDENCY”. This department results in projects to create new artistic opportunities, through periods and processes of work dedicated to the ideation, creation, discussion, consolidation and optimization of individual projects. Hosted projects are offered:

-        Fully equipped rooms and technical assistance

-        Offices and co-working areas

-        room and board

-        possibility of open rehearsals and studio visits for the public­

On request or according to the type of residency:

-        consultancy and help for the theoretical and practical development of the project

-        administrative and organizational assistance

-        tutoring

-        fundraising and administrative support

-        production

-        national and international networking

Centrale Fies Art Work Space is a truly unique location. Since 2000, it has hosted people who need room to develop and realize original projects in a secure, protected, and equipped space, managed by highly competent personnel, able to support the circulation of the works in the national and international panorama and promote their recognition in the market. Centrale Fies has three decades of experience in the curation and promotion of art and creativity: it is just one piece in a long history of support and production of the arts, originating in 1981 with the DRODESERA festival, today in its 37th edition.

 The AUGMENTED RESIDENCY can take on different natures depending on the project, and according to the candidats selected by Centrale Fies:

 1.     selection by a curating board via an annual international call for participation, for an immersive experience of collective residency at Live Works;

2.     selection by the artistic direction of Centrale Fies, linked to both multi-year projects, as in the case of Fies Factory (formed in 2007 as ab incubator for performing and visual arts, with works winning 28 important prizes over the years) and those that are shorter term: artists, creatives, performers, curators, instructors, and a unique location in Italy where paths and skills can be interwoven. But not only. Today, in addition to research on art and its new languages, Centrale Fies also aims for the qualification of the professionals involved, the empowerment of those who work there and, at times, the creation of new professions.

From the AUGMENTED RESIDENCY, several artists and creatives have successively been asked to participate, in an active way, in projects that are art-based but have a transdisciplinary nature: the first Italian culture hub, Fies Core, which elaborates artistic research developed for services/products/strategies aimed both at public and private sector companies; Urban Heat, from the Festival in Transition network, made up of 13 international festivals in 12 countries with the objective of developing and producing works that link research with the external art world, confronting political and social themes and involving the community; and A.p.a.p., a European network dedicated to exchange of artistic activities, the cultural operators and their know-how. These are projects that the direction of the art work space has identified and believes in strongly.  


*CENTRALE FIES Art Work Space (2000) is an innovative example of conservation, recuperation and reinvention of a community asset, now a space designated for the production of new forms of creativity, set among still-functioning turbines and spaces that have preserved the names of the original machine rooms. It lies in Trentino in a location on extended loan from the Hydro Dolomiti Energia, and today comprises: a residency center for artists (AUGMENTED RESIDENCY); a cultural hub targeted at the public and private sectors (FIES CORE); an incubator for Italian artists (FIES FACTORY), a free international summer school for artists and researchers in the world of live art (LIVE WORKS); the location of a thirty-year-old festival of performing arts (DRODESERA); and member of the European projects APAP and FIT.

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