Teatro Sotterraneo

Teatro Sotterraneo is a theatre collective set up in Florence in 2004. Their first show, 11/10 in apnea, takes part in the Generazione Premio Scenario 2005. In the following years, Teatro Sotterraneo produces: Post-it (2007), La Cosa 1(2008), the Diptych about the species made up by Dies irae _ 5 episodes about the end of the species (2009) and The origin of Species _ from Charles Darwin(2010), The Republic of children (childhood theatre play, 2011) and Homo ridens (2011).  Since 2008, Teatro Sotterraneo is part of the Fies Factory project promoted by Centrale Fies, and it  is granted the Region Tuscany annual fund for young theatre groups; in 2008-2009 it was also supported by the ETI “Nuove Creatività” project. In 2009, Teatro Sotterraneo was awarded with both the Lo Straniero and Ubu Speciale prizes, in 2010 it was awarded with the Hystrio-Castel dei Mondi prize, in 2011 with the Silver Laurel Wreath Award at Mess Festival of Sarajevo for Dies irae _ 5 episodes about the end of the species, in 2012 with the Eolo Award as best new show for The children's Republic and with the ACT Festival Prize and the BE Festival 1st Prize at the Be Festival of Birmingham for Homo ridens. In 2012, Teatro Sotterraneo directs Il signor bruschino by Gioachino Rossini for the Rossini Opera Festival. In 2013 the collective undertakes a two-year research process called Daimon Project, so far made up by the show BE NORMAL!, by the serial project BE LEGEND! and by the workshop BE READY!. In 2014 they create WAR NOW! in co-direction with the Latvian director Valters Silis. From 2013 Teatro Sotterraneo took up residence at ATP in Pistoia. 



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