Sale Docks 


 S.a.L.E. Docks is an independent space for arts and politics initiated in 2007 by a group of activists who decided to occupy an abandoned salt-storage docks in the heart of Venice. S.a.L.E. Docks is run by cultural workers, artists, and students. S.a.L.E. Docks aims to reverse the processes that privatize the art commons, mainly by addressing a series of open problems: the relationship between cultural capital and endemic precariousness, the neoliberal use of art as a device to capture critical imagination and thinking, and the link between are art, finance, real estate and gentirfication. S.a.L.E. maintains two different dynamics: facilitating collaboration between local artists, citizens, and students; and developing projects with international art agents and artists. S.a.L.E. organizes seminars, exhibitions, workshops, con-research and public actions that experiment models of cultural production alternative to the neoliberal logic.