Gruppo Nanou

created in Ravenna in July 2004 by Marco Valerio Amico, Rhuena Bracci and Roberto Rettura, as a meeting place of different research fields that characterize the work of each artist: the body, the sound and the image, that communicating one with the other find a common language that gives life to an organic work.
gruppo nanou focuses its research on the body, defined as: body/sound, body/object, body light, which are all involved on the same level of the body of the performer. In this way the performer becomes just a sign among the signs. and the choreography is used as the common language of the various artistic specializations. There is a choreography of the image, the movement of which is given by a distinctive use of light. There is also a choreography of the sound, which accompanies, suggests and sometimes reveals the meaning itself of the body and of the subject.
The image searches a “nowhere”, that subtracts the objects of reality from their objectivity, that leaves out the reason of the action from the scene, in order to observe what remains (the clue) or what is given as a matter of fact, which is full of mystery. That allows to recognize, in the places of everyday life and of intimacy, that fold from which explodes the perturbing fact.