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I was born in 1993 in Bassano del Grappa. After completing scientific studies I graduated in Multimedia Arts at Università Iuav di Venezia. I trained as a dancer and performer working with international artists at CSC Garage Nardini (OperaEstate Veneto Festival). In recent years I decided to get away from the experience as author in the world of on-stage-performing-arts, driven by the need to experiment with a more open and informal use of the body. I still have grown strong relations with theater and performance, working as interpreter for several Italian and international authors. Since 2013 I dialogue with the italian theater company Anagoor. The body has always been the filter through which I live every artistic experience. Whether to create a collective action, a video, a series of photographs or paintings, the body is always the starting point of my research. Body and perception. Nature and human world. Material and immaterial dimension of reality. These are the issues that I have faced more often over the past years, experimenting with dance, performance, video, drawings, photography and collective actions. Lately I have been researching body related issues in the fashion field, collaborating with fashion designers such as Muslin Brothers and Mani/Fatum.

lenia Pizzato was born in Treviso in June 1992, Valentina Tamiello was born in Vicenza in August 1990. We met while we were studying Fashion Design at IUAV University of Venice. After a work experience in London at Edeline Lee (Ilenia Pizzato), and Marques'Almeida (Valentina Tamiello), we decided to work together for the final collection and then for our graduation thesis. mani/fatum try to explain the importance of handcraft and the value of the time.


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