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I was born in Monfalcone, little working class city known for the boatyard where the biggest cruises are built and for the sad record of high number of death for illness caused by asbestos. The most significant part of my education path started in Prima del Teatro: Scuola Europea per l’Arte dell’Attore where I met some great masters of contemporary theatre: Joan Baixas (visual theatre); José Sanchis Sinisterra (dramaturgy); Christian Burgess and many others. In 2006 I premièred abroad in Merma Neverdies, puppets show by Joan Mirò, directed by Joan Baixas and produced by Elsinor-Barcelona exclusively for Tate Modern Gallery in London. In 2007 I participated to Indemoniate, show by Giuliana Musso e Carlo Tolazzi, directed by Massimo Somaglino. In May 2009 I came back to Spain to work in the show Zoé, incocencia criminal, a production of the Compañía Teatre de la Claca di Barcellona, directed by Joan Baixas. In June 2009 I premièred with my first original performance È bello vivere liberi! Progetto di teatro civile per un'attrice, cinque burattini e un pupazzo as author and actress. In 2011, thanks to a scholarship, I took part in ...Think only this of me... original project for actors and musicians from Guildhall School of Music and Drama of Londra, directed by Christian Burgess. In 2012 I realized my second original project La semplicità ingannata. Satira per attrice e pupazze sul lusso d'esser donne. In 2013 I realized for the Gaypride in Vicenza the reading The beat of Freedom and then I perform Glauce in La città ha fondamenta sopra un misfatto, theatral re-writing of Medea by Christa Wolf, written and directed by Giuliana Musso. In 2014 I premièred with Wonder Woman, a reading written and performed with Giuliana Musso and Antonella Questa, starting from the investigative report of Silvia Sacchi and Luisa Pronzato, journalists of Corriere della Sera that explores the theme of the financial feminine independence. In 2015 I premièred with Sorry, boys third original performance of the project on Female resistance. Since 2009 I’m part of the project Fies Factory of Centrale Fies. 


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