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Live Works


LIVE WORKS is a platform dedicated to live contemporary practices currently co-curated by Barbara Boninsegna, Simone Frangi and Daniel Blanga Gubbay at Centrale Fies Art Work Space. It contributes to deepening and broadening the idea of performance, following the current evolution of performance and its styles.This platform aims to measure the concreteness of performance in the real world, investigating the double of nature of LIVE - in person and alive - highlighting those moments in which performance integrates with the dynamics of life.

Starting from the notion of performance in the visual art practice, the prize is unique in its particular attention to hybrid research, underlining the openness and fluidity of performance, its social and political implications and its level of public understandability. 

LIVE WORKS sees performance as a work space, and as an instrument and cultural exercise, opened to a wide range of emerging performative actions, including: performances, sound and new media arts, text-based performances, lecture performances, multimedia storytelling, choreographic practices, relational and workshop-based projects, and other projects questioning the idea of performativity beyond the body.Born as a competition, today Live Works is an expanded idea of award: neither a professional jury nor a winner, rather a long-term activity. The selected projects will have a first 10 days residency at Centrale Fies in July, before Drodesera performing arts festival, having curatorial support, all technical facilities and a fee for their production. LIVE WORKS also provides a theoretical program: the Free School of Performance, that includes studio visits, critical sessions, reading groups, discussions on specific themes towards the redefinition of the concept of performance and informal encounters supporting the production of each project.

The artists will present the nine performances in a 3 days live program during the Drodesera performing arts festival in front of the audience and a board of international professionals from outstanding contexts of production of performances (festivals, biennials, international production and residency centre). The board gets in contact with the works of the emerging practitioners and it is actively involved in public and private meetings with them.

After summer, each artist will have the possibility to come back for a second residency to the unique environment of Centrale Fies, between the river, the mountains of Trentino and the Marocche, one of the oldest and suggestive landslides in the world.