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Curandi Katz (Valentina Curandi, 1980 and Nathaniel Katz, 1975) is an Italian/American-Canadian artistic duo.

Since 2008 Valentina Curandi and Nathaniel Katz have been working collaboratively in an artistic practice that emphasizes a relational ethic, focusing on warmth of relationships between individuals, in community and in relation to institutions. Performing, constructing and actualizing poetic acts that invite taking part, they ask for activation and they suggest imaginary alternatives.
Curandi Katz have recently developed projects in New York at Flux Factory, PS1 MoMA and Center for Book Arts and shown their work through Europe and in Italy.

Masako Matsushita is a dance artist and a choreographer. She resists the methods through four steps: responding, understanding the activated body language, use of own imaginery and becoming.


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